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Four Wheels And Some Class

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While cars have always been a means of transport from point A to B, some cars do it in style and luxurious comfort. For the ones with money to spend, cars can therefore become veritable objects of luxury. The luxury and ultra luxury car segment in India is growing on the back of a thriving economy and the rising spending power of people. As a result, wealthy Indians are spoilt for choice when it comes to luxury on four wheels.

Between 1995 and 2017, almost all luxury carmakers set foot in India. Volkswagen group-owned sports car manufacturer Bugatti entered the Indian market with its hyper car Veyron in 2010. Priced at an ex-showroom tag of Rs 13.5 crore, the Veyron was the most expensive production vehicle to be sold in India at the time. Today, Bugatti’s latest hyper car Chiron costs

as much as Rs 20 crore while the Bugatti Divo is priced at a bank breaking Rs 41 crore.
Meanwhile, British marques Rolls Royce, Bentley and Aston Martin offer their full product line in India. Even the Germans are not behind, with Mercedes-Benz offering its S650 Maybach and BMW its M760li, while Audi brings to India its range-topping A8L luxury sedan.

These beautifully crafted luxury wheels will caress, soothe and pamper your senses, while cocooning you with the best of things and keeping the madness of the world where it belongs — outside the car.

“The rising demand for super luxury cars in India has made several brands take notice. India has around 2.5 lakh millionaires and premium cars are not a luxury anymore but have become a utility,” says Jatin Ahuja, Founder and MD, Big Boy Toyz, a Delhi-based pre-owned luxury cars marketplace. “Buyers have a constant liking for technologies, which come handy for everyday practicalities that significantly raise the emotional connect with their car. BBT buyers find flagship sedans like Mercedes S Class and BMW 7 Series along with the colossal luxury SUVs more preferable as their ride option. The market will see a wider participation of luxury brands in the next five years even though the traditional leaders are expected to maintain their position,” adds Ahuja.After posting record sales in 2017, India’s luxury car market is on course to hit a new peak this year. Sales have topped 20,000 units in the first half of the year, expanding in double digits every month through June with an average growth rate between 12-13 per cent. Total sales for 2017 were about 39,000 units, a 17 per cent increase over the year before.

Luxury carmakers in India have announced their sales numbers for the first half of 2018. Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Volvo have registered growth during the January-June period.

Mercedes-Benz sold 8,061 units in the first half of 2018, its highest ever half yearly sales in India. The carmaker registered a growth of 12.4 per cent during January-June, compared to the same period in 2017.

“In today’s era of thriving millennials, it is all about lifestyle, panache and living it up. India is one of the fastest growing economies with a thriving youth population that is successful, well-travelled and exposed to global launches and trends. With increasing disposable incomes and flexible finance options, today’s Indian buyers are willing to stretch their budget for luxury vehicles that reflect their unique persona,” says Roland Folger, MD & CEO, Mercedes-Benz India.

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