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Ahead of first official drive next month, Saudi women choose favorite car colors

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Saudi ladies are choosing the colours in their new vehicles, as they put together to formally drive on streets next month.

The criteria they have got set to pick out the sort of automobile they want differed from one lady driving force to every other. For many, choosing a vehicle now not handiest trusted its essential features and the driver’s shipping needs, but additionally considered what fits her lifestyle, and is simple to drive.

Besides the auto’s shape and version, Saudi women are choosing climate friendly automobiles; ones with less restore issues, and frequently, they decide upon new cars over used ones.

Sara al-Otaibi stated she prefers her vehicle “to hold a light coloration” and has chosen “a large silver van”, popular for family needs. Otaibi turned into keen on choosing a car that is “shaded” from the back, further to at least one with movable returned seats, to position cushions and car seats for kids.

Shereen Bawazeer additionally opted for light-colored cars, while Fatma Al-Tysan stated she is much more likely to power a black automobile, favoring shades associated with luxury motors.

Amani al-Sulaimi said she prefers the black color too. With regard to the auto’s version, she stated the alternatives depend on affordability. In her case, she’s searching into BMWs, Mercedes, a Maybach or a Bentley.

Meanwhile, Khloud al-Harithi prefers orange or cyan colored cars. While Najat al-Majid said she likes attractive colorations that still mirror femininity, consisting of crimson and crimson.

Lubna Mohammad said she became planning to buy a fuchsia-coloured vehicle however remembered that her buddy in Egypt as soon as told her that she wouldn’t pass for such colorations to keep away from calling the attention of male drivers around her.

Aziza al-Shehri stated she thinks changing a car each two years is a need. She additionally unearths saloon motors, JMC and van SUVs amongst her satisfactory selections, given their spacious interiors and high priced look. Shades of brown with gold are her favored, al-Shehri added.

On the alternative hand, a bank worker told Al Arabiya that lots of their girl clients are opting for vehicle loans to shop for vehicles so they could power to work.

The worker said the various automobiles being decided on are 2018 models, and a few buyers aren’t fazed via the rate, in the event that they like the brand. She also said girls customers are eager on registering the automobiles below their names, to make certain their ownership of the vehicles.

Car sales representative, Saad al-Shahrani, stated Saudi ladies pick costly car brands which are both comfortable and tremendous to power. He said the prices of such automobiles, which many women are choosing, variety between ninety,000 to 125,000 Saudi riyals.

While they focus on satisfactory, the second one aspect the female drivers care approximately is the automobile’s appearance, he delivered. Most of them pick lighter colorations, whilst some choose darker ones, noting that most buyers are operating girls.

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